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Spectra.Blog is a resource for anyone interested in learning more about Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASCs) – also known diagnostically as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). Not so long ago, people used functioning labels and separate headings to describe autism, such as Classic Autism and Asperger Syndrome, and ‘High’ or ‘Low’ Functioning Autism.

However, with new diagnostic changes, now ‘autism is autism’! (The latest diagnostic guidelines, the ICD-11, can be found HERE). Individuals diagnosed with Asperger’s will retain their ‘Aspie’ diagnosis, but fewer diagnosed autists will gain this diagnostic term, moving forward. The modern diagnostic guidelines still don’t specifically include Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) as a separate diagnostic label, in keeping with the newer, more streamlined approach – however it is a condition on the autism spectrum recognised by the National Autistic Society.

Autism is a lifelong condition that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them.

Our online hub, Spectra.Blog, will help you navigate the world of autism, and hopefully leave you feeling inspired and more knowledgeable about this complex condition; some aspects of which are positively and emphatically described by National Autistic Society ambassador Chris Packham as being ‘A Gift’.

So… do you have questions about diagnosing autism conditions in children? Are you looking for resources on managing the signs, feelings and behaviours associated with Asperger’s-type autistic profiles? And are you in need of empathetic content that helps advocate autism acceptance, instead of intolerance? Delve into Spectra.Blog for enlightenment! (And if you’re wondering what the scales are for, they represent the fine balance between emotional skill-sets and environment, for anyone who’s autistic.)

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Finally, please note that we are #actuallyautistic autism advocates! This is not a place for negativity, or for seeking / berating so-called ’causes’ of ASCs.

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