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Fundraiser – autism awareness school books

Autism Advocate Kelly-Anne Smith, who supports and empowers neurodiverse families, is launching a campaign for autism awareness week to get autism awareness books into primary schools. Here's the details of her project: "As we start autism awareness week 2021, I would...

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Using self-efficacy, presence, insight and cognition when dealing with a heightened autistic child

The more Adult (and ‘detective’ or curious) way of looking at it is to ask: what’s the child afraid of? Autistic individuals can’t always express their feelings (they can swirl around inside us, being felt, and not expressed ) – maybe here, for this child, they’re afraid of rejection – they feel a connection has been lost with the Mum – they’re fearing rejection and they protect themselves by creating the rejection first.So, sometimes you can almost reverse what a frustrated child is saying, to work out what feeling is driving their words. Saying something Adult to them like: ‘Well that’s a sad way to feel, that must feel difficult, but I am not going anywhere, and I love you. Let’s talk when you have calmed down’ attempts a reconnection , and doesn’t enforce the rejection.

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Exploring what being ‘authentically autistic’ means

I read the recent psychology article on being 'authentically autistic' with interest. The current climate seems the most accepting to date, in which to be authentic in this way. The current '#bekind' movement, the increasing acceptance of minority groups, and the...

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