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Stylised image showing a tree with books as leaves, to illustrate 'Autism from A to Z', a book on autism neurologies.Firstly we must apologise for the ‘radio silence’, of late – the new book ‘Autism from A to Z’ is almost ready to be published, with its launch at a UK-based SEN event in March 2020, and has been keeping us busy. The book, by Kathy Carter, is a practical guide and information resource collating the most popular articles from this website. It has been created for families and professionals, and curates the latest thinking, information and first-person insight regarding autism spectrum conditions. We will let you know when it is out! It will initially be available on online sites, and then in bricks and mortar stores.

In the meantime, here are a few of the very kind reviews we have received ahead of the book’s launch:

‘Autists are amazing and unique, and this book consolidates information and experience supporting this viewpoint. Autism from A to Z is easy to digest, and I love how it’s compartmentalised in alphabetical order.’
TH, Independent Cornwall Autism Network

‘Autism from A to Z is full of information that people new to the autistic world would find extremely helpful when either discovering themselves, or supporting a loved one or client.’
EM, Kent Autistic Trust

‘I recommend this book for anyone new to autism. It’s very positive, and promotes self-care and mutual respect for differing views. It’s a very good starting point for further study, and is written by someone with personal experience; I found myself hooked.’
LA, autistic adult