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Calling all aspiring autistic bloggers and writers – are you our next #autismblogstar?

by | Nov 24, 2017 | News & Views | 0 comments

Here at we’re seeking a young autistic blogger (diagnosed or self-advocated) to join the team for 2018, aged 21 and under (by closing date, see below). The successful writer will blog for us weekly, and have their work internationally published in a compendium book at the end of 2018. This will be published with independent UK publisher Sirenia Books, and will be available worldwide as a paperback title. Any book profits will go to a charitable cause, to be decided by the winner and The closing date is midnight 28/2/18 (GMT). We will select a small number of shortlisted writers (up to five) and showcase their posts in March 2018, before liaising with the writers, and choosing the final #autismblogstar.


Showcase your blogging or creativity on social media in an infographic or blog-post before the closing date with the hashtag #autismblogstar & we will find you!

You can blog or write your infograph about anything you like, providing it relates to autism somehow. Your post could be a poem, a short blog, a review of a product, an opinion piece – absolutely anything you like!

All that we ask is that we can find you via the social media platform that you put your post up with, so we may contact you thereafter. You may post anonymously or with a pseudonym, providing we can contact you via the social media handle you use. Writers from all worldwide locations are invited!

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you! The team x