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David Mitchell’s book ‘Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight’, featured on Jeremy Vine Radio Show (Autism)

by | Oct 13, 2017 | News & Views | 0 comments

The essence of the recent interview on BBC Radio 2 was asking whether autism is essentially a condition of COMMUNICATION, and whether therefore the autistic person or child has difficulty ‘processing’ and ‘expressing’.

In a sense this is a great question to ask… as it pertains to the issue of processing, at autism’s core.

On the BBC’s website, David says: “Naoki Higashida is a young man who lives with his family in a small city outside Tokyo called Chiba. Like my own son, Naoki has non-verbal autism, and has never engaged in a spoken conversation longer than a handful of words in his life. Naoki displays many of the classic autistic “tics”: he vocalises looped thoughts in a high-pitched voice; repeatedly drums his fingers against hard surfaces – known as “stimming”; has a hard time concentrating; and occasionally endures meltdowns – loud, agitated, sobbing – caused by fixations that he knows are irrational even as he suffers them; for example, being unable to turn on all the taps in an airport bathroom. It’s full-on, relentless and sometimes dignity-shredding.” David’s book Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight was also Radio 4’s Book of the Week.

Naoki’s experiences are insightful and humbling, and we thought David’s description of autism as ‘a communication disorder with sensory processing trimmings’ was useful. Naoki is a widely respected author, and is obviously a highly intelligent and educated person – dispelling the myth that non-verbal individuals are necessarily intellectually challenged. 

Thanks Jeremy and the BBC for helping promote autism awareness and acceptance. We can’t wait to read David’s new book which is available via the link below.

A little disclaimer – here at we don’t claim to be experts about Autism; the information we post here is based purely on our own exposure and experiences.


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