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Autism Advocate Kelly-Anne Smith, who supports and empowers neurodiverse families, is launching a campaign for autism awareness week to get autism awareness books into primary schools.

Here’s the details of her project:
“As we start autism awareness week 2021, I would love your support in changing that awareness into acceptance and genuine inclusion – which is why I’ve set up a fundraiser.

I wanted to do something tangible that all of our children and future society will benefit from – I want to get autism awareness books (by both neurotypical and autistic authors) into as many primary schools as possible. Please help by sharing and donating as much as you can 💓. Let’s make a positive change from awareness to acceptance and inclusion for our children – and let’s start today.Visit Kelly-Anne’s fundraising page here. #OurNeurodiverseFamilies #autismacceptance #AutismAwarenessWeek #SENsationalWarriors

Visit Kelly-Anne’s ‘Autism & Parent Support: LivIng A SENsational Life’ Facebook group here.