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My name is Kathy Carter, and I curate Spectra.Blog – an #actuallyautistic autism resource that is most definitely about empathetic awareness and acceptance. Many posts are written by myself, although some will be by other contributors, and they will be credited. The Spectra.Blog website launched in 2017.

I am a writer. I have written professionally since the late 1990s, and undertook professional studies and qualifications within the field of autism. My fourth book (and my first concerning autism) was released in 2020, titled: ‘Autism from A-Z: presented by Spectra Blog‘. (I am currently undertaking psychotherapy training / qualifications.)

I launch my cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy (Hypno-CBT) practice, Arrive Therapy, in June/July 2021. I will be assisting neurodivergent people make positive life changes via aspects such as anxiety, self-efficacy, confidence, relaxation, self-esteem and addressing social anxiety concerns.

Anyway, down to the juicy stuff; I am autistic. My diagnosis was autism with an Asperger’s-type profile, so I am an Aspie! (Yes! I know all the issues relating to identifying as ‘Aspie’, after Hans Asperger’s revealed links with the Nazis.)

So, yay! I have a badge and everything*. I was diagnosed in my 40s, like many adults who begin researching autism spectrum conditions when they suspect a family member is autistic.

It’s safe to say that autism is now one of my Special Interests; I love reading about autism and helping to spread the word about autism in a positive and well-informed way. Like I say in every blog, I don’t claim to be an expert or state definitive facts about autism; what I write is based on my own experiences and exposures. Thanks for reading!

*I don’t have a badge. They don’t give you a badge. I wish they gave you a badge.

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