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Many people will have heard about the new Spectrum 10k study.

We’ve been asked about our stance, and, in line with other neurodivergent and autistic advocates, we have grave concerns. As Robert Chapman Ph.D. states on (in response to the S10k team’s responding document explaining their reasoning for focusing on DNA): ‘To many, this core aim of the project will be fairly indistinguishable from eugenics: It is just that the focus has been turned to eliminating intersecting neurodivergence instead of autism itself.’

If you are interested in taking part in Spectrum 10k for yourself as an autistic person or an autistic family member, we suggest delving into the info provided by the Spectrum 10k study, including its focus on DNA, and reading some of the autistic community’s concerns:

An Autistic Person’s Concerns About Spectrum 10k

Why Autistic People Are Worried by Spectrum 10K.

The Autistic Community’s Concerns Regarding Spectrum 10K and Eugenics Are Valid.

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Kathy Carter